Arizona's Largest Matchmaking Live Event!!

The Love Heals Event

Meet some great singles in your city at this 2-day event & learn from some of the best coaches on love & sex
Live in Person Event
FRI, NOV 5th & SAT, NOV 6th
TIME: Fri @ 8:00 pm -11:30pm | Sat @ 10:00am - 5:00pm LOCATION: TOPGOLF, SCOTTSDALE
 Limited Seats Available
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Hey there!
  • Have you missed the deeper human connections these past two years during this pandemic? Have you done some soul searching and feel ready to meet some great people?
  • Have you sat across from someone you met on a dating app only to discover that they looked nothing like the filtered pictures on their dating profile?
  •  Have you met up with someone from a dating site only to realize that the energy and feel of the person just won't work for you? It wasn't what you had expected? 
  • ​Are you a busy professional with very little time to get on dating apps to meet a girl and would rather meet a girl face-to-face and cut through the games and facades so many go through?
  • ​Have you been disappointed by the facade, filters and the BS that comes along with online dating?

We are hosting an intimate 2-day event where you will meet smart and successful singles who live in your city!

What are they saying about Jincy
Who is the Love Heals event for?
  • You are a busy entrepreneur, an executive or a busy professional with long work hours. Your time is very valuable. And you do not want to waste it trying to meet someone from shady dating apps.
  • ​You have been frustrated at the quality of people you have met from dating apps. 
  • ​You have worked to build yourself up and you want to meet someone who is at par with you.
  • ​You've discovered again and again that the person looks nothing like the pictures on their dating profile.
  • You'd rather meet the person face-to-face, and see if there is chemistry and attraction. 
  • You'd rather not spend hours and days texting someone only to meet them and realize you don't want to be with them. 
  • ​You want to find a high calibre partner who is local and lives in your city. 
  • ​You desire chemistry, passion, love and a heart-awakening relationship, which can only be determined when you are in the presence of the person. 
What will be happening at this event?
  • ​At the Love Heals Matchmaking Event being held at TopGolf, Scottsdale, everything has been set up for you to meet a partner who is great, single, smart and successful, just like yourself.
  • ​​It begins on Friday evening - with an icebreaker game. Now that you’re walls are down and you’ve cracked a few smiles and joined in the laughter in the room, the next happy hour is going to ensure you say a lot of new hellos. And possibly even feel a spark with someone. 
  • ​​A TopGolf golf game. Even if you aren’t a golfer you can sit on the outdoor couches, sip on wine and connect with some great singles attending the Love Heals event. 
  • ​​Key Note speakers - Todd and Toni Buffo, pastors at Impact Church, married for nearly thirty years. They have mentored thousands of couples and singles facing challenging relationship issues. They share their secrets to building a vibrant loving relationship that every heart desires. 
  • ​​Healing Past Hurts - Wouldn't you like to be healed from the disappointing experiences of your past? The process doesn't have to be long. Jincy Kelly walks people through the process of being healed from the past in one power-packed session!
  • ​​Panel of Love Coaches - Exploring the power and sacredness of love and sexuality - an interactive session with the audience. You will gain from the wide and vast experience that these love coaches bring to the table and be able to ask questions you couldn't find a safe place to ask and explore. 

I believe that life wants to give us the best love and the best sex, so we shouldn’t settle for anything less!

How will I be matched?
  • ​​Organic connection and chemistry is the key. That is how you will be matched! 
  • ​​During the fun games, over cocktails and hor-d'oeuvres, while interacting during sessions, you will find someone who catches your attention.
  • ​​The guidelines set forth at this event is one where you are encouraged to walk up to someone you are attracted to without having to feel awkward or hold back. This a safe place for you to initiate and explore new connections. 
  • ​​The love coaches will facilitate to make a connection with the person you are interested in.   
What people are saying about the event....
"I have a very demanding job with long hours at work, so it's a challenge to find someone I'd like to date. I am looking forward to meeting a special lady at this matchmaking event."
- Jason B. M.D.
Physician & Professor
"Have been looking for a passionate, committed relationship that can’t be found at the bars. Want something lasting and fun with someone similar minded"
- Noah D.
Enterprenuer & Investor
"I just moved into Scottsdale from Texas. I love the mountains and the sun! I am looking forward to the matchmaking event where I hope to meet some someone special. It would be fun exploring my new city with someone special."
- Victoria H.
Fitness Trainer & Yoga Instructor
What will I get at this event?
  • ​​You get to meet smart, like-minded singles who are local and from your city and are looking for love.
  • ​​Along with the purchase of the ticket, individuals are required to take a mini course titled - The 5 Pillars To a Successful Relationship. This course addresses the major deterrents that will show up sooner or later in relationships. Such as un-forgiveness & Insecurities. (Access to members areas once you reserve your spot)
  • ​​​Individuals will be pre-screened before they attend this matchmaking event.
  • ​​​All your meals will be provided.
  • ​​​A two hour golf game at TopGolf with the entire team.
  • ​​​Keynote speakers - pastors Todd & Toni of Impact Church, mentors to thousands of couples and singles facing challenging relationship issues. 
  • A panel of love coaches - Exploring the power of modern day love and sexuality. An interactive session that you will get to ask the puzzling questions and gain insight from both males and females. 
  • ​​​A powerful session that will help you heal from disappointing experiences of your past. Go home healed and renewed in heart and mind. And enriched with a new frame of mind for a beautiful future. 
  • You will meet and connect with some of the best singles that your city boasts of AND you are all on the same page, looking for love,  and not just for a hook up. 

If this reasonates with you, then the Love Heals Matching Making Event is for you! 

Live in-person fun weekend with local singles in your area. No filters, no BS, no games. No wasting time.

One encounter with the right person can forever change your life and catapult it to new heights!
Key note speakers - Todd and Toni, married for nearly thirty years will reveal their secrets to a vibrant relationship. They are mentors to thousands of couples and singles in the Valley facing challenging relationship issues. 
Explore the complex topic of modern day love & sexuality with some of the top love and relationship coaches in Arizona.
Your Speakers at the Matchmaking Event 

Jincy Kelly

Matchmaker, Dating Coach & Author

Jincy has been featured by Yahoo Finance as the top ten dating coaches to watch in 2021. She believes love has the power to fuel & transform us, unlike anything else can!

As a dating coach, one of the common complaints was that singles are finding it hard to meet quality singles. Covid made it even more challenging. 

The Love Heals matchmaking events have been designed for singles to find love with a high calibre single local to their area. 


Power Coach, Artist, Expressionist, Podcast Host, & Entrepreneur

MJ wears several hats. Between running a busy salon and being a relationship coach and podcast host, she brings her unique power and self to the people. 

Her authenticity is raw and real and people want to stay in her presence and learn. 

Jim “Gries” Grieshaber

Show Host, Interviewer, Play-by-Play Announcer and Emcee 

Jim is a 27-year show host whose work has been featured on the biggest stations and outlets in America.

Currently covers the UFC for ESPN Radio and MMA Weekly.


Commercial Real Estate

Brittany prides herself on being a successful woman in a male-dominated industry, commercial real estate. 

Through her ventures surrounded by strong men that have provided insight and through her own relationship lessons, she offers a unique perspective from the eyes of a woman, both to men and women. 

Todd & Toni Buffo

Pastors at Impact Church

For over 20 years, Todd and Toni have been powerful influencers and a voice to high impact leaders across industry lines. 

In 2019 alone, spoke to over 40,000 people, bringing them on a journey of self-discovery and unveiling the personal roadblocks keeping them from experiencing their full potential. Specializing in how to prepare for, find and build healthy thriving marriages.
The Details


TopGolf, Scottsdale, Arizona

9500 Talking Stick Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

Date and Time

Friday, Nov 5th

8:00PM - 11:30PM

Saturday, Nov 6th

10:00AM - 5:00PM



Take charge of your dating life!
  • Meet and match with smart and successful singles from your city in a fun, safe and vibrant environment at TopGolf, Scottsdale. 
  • Meet and match with a high calibre person who will peak your love interest and lives in.your city!
  • Ditch the swiping right and swiping left on dating profiles and meet singles face to face to see if there is chemistry and attraction!
  • A look, a hand shake, a hug; it hold the power to change your destiny forever. 
  • Create a powerful new person within you at this event, the person who will attract life and love that the heart secretly longs for.
  • One encounter with the right person can forever change your life and catapult it to new heights!